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Audition Packet (please print & complete)

February 7th is the auditions for the musical, Journey of the Noble Gnarble. All Acting Club members will audition with the song “The Dream”.

“The Dream” – Ensemble (you are only singing from 0:00-0:37)

Far below the ocean waves,

A gnarble lay in bed.

All night long his gnarble dreams kept swimming in his head.

He dreamt a dream of swimming up to see the sky above.

Lit up by the sun in colors he just knew he’d love.


“The Dream” – Noble Gnarble (Lead Role) (you are only singing from 2:12-2:57)

“They just don’t understand what I see, every night when I close my eyes…”

Every night, I dream sunlight.

Every night, I dream sky.  Every night, I’m a gnarble swimming high.

Up Above where the waves are crashin’. And the water’s warm and bright!

And I jump through the air and splash in. And everything feels right.

Oh, I want to swim to the top of the ocean. I want to see the sky!

Stage Areas & Body Positions